Welcome to Niko’s Nifty Nowruz

Come follow Niko, an Iranian-American boy as he prepares for and celebrates his favorite holidays.

In March of 2015, Sheila, the author, was presented with an opportunity she never realized would come her way: explaining Nowruz to a classroom full of 4 year old children. After an exhaustive search, Sheila soon found out there were very few age- appropriate books to help support the fun and interesting way she wanted to explain the holiday to her sons class.

And so began the creation of Niko’s Nifty Nowruz! Its full of fun rhymes and beautiful, original illustrations that are culturally accurate and educational. This box includes three hardcover books with the following titles: Niko’s Red Wednesday; Niko’s Nifty Nowruz; Niko’s Nature Day.

Happy reading!

Place your order here

Your order will include: the three books, and a beautiful sturdy protective display box.



 Click here to order your set through Amazon.com

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