About the Books

Niko’s Nifty Books Box Set are full of fun rhymes, and beautiful original illustrations that are culturally accurate and educational. This box includes three hardcover books with following titles:

  • Niko’s Red Wednesday;
  • Niko’s Nifty Nowruz;
  • Niko’s Nature Day.
  • Niko’s Red Wednesday:
    Come follow Niko and Dela as they kick off Nowruz celebrations with a fire jumping festival.
  • Niko’s Nifty Nowruz:
    Come follow Niko, an Iranian American boy as he prepares for and celebrates Nowruz!
  • Niko’s Nature Day:
    Come follow Niko and Dela as they wrap up the Nowruz celebrations with a fun filled day in Nature!

Subject: Children (age 2-6), Children (age 6- 9)

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